Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sydney Comic-Con 2014 - Cosplay Madness

Alright, this post will be pretty light on words but HEAVY on pictures, so strap yourself in and get ready for some awesome cosplay!

Artemis from the Young Justice cartoon - so sadly cancelled before it's time.

A real life DC Bombshell pinup

Femme Beetlejuice! Why the hell not.

Badass Black Canary

A surprisingly shy Black Widow

So this isn't technically a cosplay, but LOOK AT THAT SKIRT!
She got it from Kitten da Amore, if you want one of your own.

This costume BLEW MY SOCKS OFF. If you haven't read any Terry Pratchett books, this is Death, the Death of Rats and the Death of Fleas done INCREDIBLY accurately.
Death of Rats even had a little ratty tail!!
Elsa's train was incredible, and Bo Peep was carrying an adorable stuffed sheep purse.

I loved this 80's rendition of Captain America/Winter Soldier
Not the most elaborate cosplay, but I'm a sucker for a girl with a shield.

I am also the most ridiculous sucker for any and all Fem Captain Mal cosplayers.

This Gamora and Rocket team were mother and son - family cosplays always get me right in the feels.

I LOVE the ingenuity of this Fem Iron Man outfit.

I think I might have been the only person there who
recognised this cosplay - other people remember Lexx, right?

This Korra had SO much attitude!

Gender bent couples cosplay is my bag, baby, and this Magneto and Mystique team were magnificent.

I never thought I'd see a Mary Poppins cosplay, but I'm so glad I did!

Kamala Corps represent!

Like the Iron Man, I am absolutely in love with the ingenuity of this Wolverine cosplay. She even had a dogtag necklace!

So these aren't cosplay, it's just me and what I wore. I pulled out my beloved Valhur Morgullis necklace for the photo with Jason Momoa, which I thought might be a bit lame until I saw the 50 Danerys cosplayers in line.

This retro Poison Ivy was fantastic.

I spotted this girl in the afternoon and she looked SO tired of being stopped, but I'm never going to miss a good Simpsons reference.

Another family cosplay, this is a little Kaylee and an awesome Starbuck.

There were probably a million pictures taken of this Stargate Jaffa cosplayer, but I had to snap my own.

I see this woman at EVERY con, and every time she has her head covering co-ordinated
into a stealth cosplay. This time she was Super Mum!

Tank Boy. I just...I have no words.

One of the better Tomb Raider cosplays I've seen, and I've seen some FANTASTIC ones.

I was so embarrasingly excited to see a Trill cosplay! I think I might have freaked this guy out a little, but he did such a good job of the spots!

This Winter Soldierette just SLAYS me.

And finally, an absolutely perfect gender bent Wonder Girl! I wish they'd put the female version in this outfit. 

Phew! That was a hell of a picture post. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Wow, that's some awesome work people.

  2. Love all the pics! And yes I remember Lexx. :-)

  3. Kai! Also Kaylee, Death, you, BeetleJuice, and a few others :)

    Also, I've been humming Lexx's song for the better part of ten years and'm still waiting for someone to go "wait what?"

    Sort of like one of my shirts. Exactly one person has recognized it as "If you recognize this, go on an have geeky talk with me." I really loved the moment that happened :)

  4. Hi, only today I've seen this photos - more than a years after... Actually, there was five people there who recognize Kai - I was surprised, because my husband told me that no-one in Australia know LEXX. It was not right! And this year (2015) there was ten ))) not much, but I had really good time. So yes - go on and have geeky talk with me ;-)